Tracking Assessments

Pupils in Years 8-11

All pupils will receive four sets of tracking results throughout the year. Each set of tracking assessments will be common across a year group and will give pupils and parents information on progress made throughout the year.

There will be a set of winter and summer examinations.  The other tracking tests will take place during normal class time.

Pupils in Year 12

Pupils will sit two tracking assessments and one set of formal “Mock GCSE Exams.”

The dates for tracking are shown below:

Tracking 1 - 16th - 20th October 2017

Tracking 2 - 11th - 13th December 2017

Tracking 3 - 5th - 9th March 2018

Tracking 4 - 24th - 30th May 2018

(KS3 Revision Booklets for May 18 tracking tests are available by using the following links in April 2018:

Year 8                  Year 9                     Year 10

The results from the summer exams will be included in the summer report.  All other tracking results will be given to the pupil to take home to parents/guardians.