St. Patrick's & St.Brigid's College is entirely committed to improving the local environment by encouraging staff and pupils to use sustainable modes of transport whenever possible to limit the amount of traffic in the local area. The college has limited parking onsite and are not able to expand our parking facilities. We recognise that this can lead to members of the school community parking in local side streets and we wish to alleviate the impact of this in any way we can. Please follow the advice given below to help us in this aim.

Advice to parents and guardians: We do not allow parents and guardians to park or drop off their children in the school car park as it would lead to over congestion and health and safety risks. Please also park with the utmost consideration for our neighbours by avoiding blocking driveways or roads.

We recommend that all members of the school community travel to school using the most sustainable modes of transport possible. We ask that any member of the school community who parks in the local area does so with respect to the needs of local residents, avoiding blocking drive ways or roads.