Year 12 HE Revision List

Year 12 Home Economics Revision List


Eatwell Plate – identify the main nutrients provided by each group

How the Eatwell plate helps consumers achieve a healthy well balanced diet

Iron and Vitamin C
Insoluble NSP
Factors maximising the availability of calcium and iron
Vitamin A
Claims on Labels (2012 markscheme)
How nutritional labelling can help plan a balanced diet (2010 markscheme)
Dietary requirements during pregnancy
Dental Caries
Coronary Heart Disease
Sports Nutrition
Lactose Intolerance
Nano foods
Convenience foods
Fast Food
Salmonella Food Poisoning
Food Safety – personal hygiene
The Environmental Health Officer
Food Safety Order
Rights and Responsibilities of being an effective consumer
Unfair Trading Regulations
Barriers to being an effective consumer
Psychological and cultural factors that influence shopping (2011 markscheme)
Economic factors that influence shopping
Independent shops
Students shopping behaviour (2010 markscheme)
Adolescents being taught to budget – is it a good thing?
Retirement – how it affects shopping habits
Loyalty cards
Direct Debits – as a method of payment
Compare and contrast the quality of information available to consumers from a range of media (specimen 2010 markscheme)
Quality of information from experts
Quality of information from the internet
Advice NI
Consumer Council for NI
Citizen Advice Bureau
Consequences of poor money management